Author: Sydney Flaire
Page Count: TBA
First Book

Uncharted is the very first book of the trilogy. It was followed by the second book entitled, Unmarked.

Synopsis Edit

When King Titus VI decided to expand his territory, completely occupying one-third of the globe, the dreams of four boy changes drastically. Five years after, they find themselves on the opposite sides of the war.

Adam Alekseev is a genius young man who wishes to seek reform. Luke Elizalde is a skilled soldier who joined the army to change the government from within. Cade Escaño is a son of the government's enemy who wants to overthrow the conqueror. And Lester Antkowiak is an exiled prince who lives under the protection of the Empire.

No one from them is aware that they'll be reunited by fate in order to battle against each other.

Plot Edit

The start of the story was set on April 2072 Kalendarz Imperium in Sector 44. At the beginning, Adam Alekseev mentioned about the kings of the Polska Empire practicing the Social Darwinism of "the survival of the fittest", and even to the extent that he said that surviving the war was much gravely dangerous than to avoid being killed by a relative for a useless title. Adam, at the start, was along with his friend and classmate Roch on their way back to school after skipping their classes in order to attend their luxurious gambling spree that involved fighting against bureaucrats and nobles over a simple game of chess. During that day, like always, they won ten thousand złoty for a single game. Roch questioned Adam that the latter should pursue a degree with law being a great rhetoric and debater, but in the end, Adam revealed his intention to pursue Forensic Science, finished a doctorate in criminology and just be a private detective. Though he didn't mentioned that he hated the police and army for its own corruption, he later implied on that if he had much bigger dreams, he'll surely do so; but he said that he was content with that dream of his right now. Joking about him being one day a doctor of criminology, Roch stopped the motorbike and inquired Adam about what he thought of a building within their view currently burning as another bomb exploded, much nearer to their location.

Trivia Edit

  • The cover features the silhouette of a Philippine eagle, the main symbol of the Order of the Cardinal Knights itself. On its background consists of gold dust against a black field that implies to the spark of power.
  • The narrators of the book were Adam Alekseev, Luke Elizalde, Cade Escaño and Lester Antkowiak.

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