Assassination of Sophia Antkowiak
Invasion of the Philippines
Concurrence: 2064 Ma-I Ophir Clash
Treaty of Donetsk
Part of Operation Veles
Date: 24 May 2065 K.I.
Location: Donetsk, Ukraine
Cause: Philippines' fight against its own terrorism, primarily against the Ma-I Ophir
Result: Polska Empire sponsored the Philippines' fight against the Ma-I Ophir
Exile of Prince Adam and Princess Anastazja of the Polska Empire, and Prince Lester of the Georgian Empire
Polska Empire insignia Polska Empire Philippines' insignia Republic of the Philippines
King Titus Leszczynski VI
Prince Earl Leszczynski
President Jude Elizalde

The Treaty of Donetsk was an agreement made in 2065 K.I. that involved the Polska Empire sponsoring the Republic of the Philippines' fight against the terrorists of its country, primarily against the Ma-I Ophir. In exchange, the Philippines shall protect the exile of Eleventh Prince Adam and Fifth Princess Anastazja of the Polska Empire, and the Prince Lester of the Georgian Empire. The treaty was signed on 24 May 2065 K.I.. The Treaty of Donetsk came into effect on 15 August 2065 K.I., when the documents of ratification were exchanged.  

Background Edit

On 2 May 2064 K.I., President Jude Elizalde of the Republic of the Philippines declared Martial Law in the southern island of the country with the trial of the Ma-I Ophir in occupying the entire region. The Martial Law was expected to be lifted off after sixty days, but the battle between the terrorists and the government's military continues to rage on for months. For the following months, President Elizalde started his campaign on seeking the help of other super-nations to stop the Ma-I Ophir from taking control of the entire country. Only the Polska Empire heeded their plea for help during its conquest against other Asian countries as well. A year after the Martial Law was declared, President Elizalde and his cabinet secretaries traveled to Warsaw, Poland to formally asked help from the king of the Polska Empire, Titus VI.

Negotiation Edit

The negotiation between the Philippines and the Polska Empire had been viewed negatively by countless of people, including of the other super-nations such as the Unification Council of Europe and the Republic State of America. The Philippines had a strong relation with the two but couldn't offer their help against its terrorism due with its own war with the Polska Empire seeking expansion, as well as President Elizalde's disregard of their plea to stop its own violation of human rights. Nonetheless, both Europe and America thought that the Polska Empire will not offer help with its own war as well against other countries that they were in the process of occupying, namely the eastern part of Asia. The Philippines also showed sign of dismay against the treaty due to the fact that they will be aligning themselves to the Empire, which is a threat in controlling them.

In the end, the negotiation continued on with both parties meeting at Donetsk, Ukraine on 24 May 2065 K.I. On behalf of King Titus VI, Second Prince and Prime Minister Earl Leszczynski, represented the Polska Empire, while President Elizalde himself arrived with the signing of the treaty. The two parties agreed that the treaty will be kept confidential until the Polska Empire ratified it with its parliament and be taken into effect.

Treaty provisions Edit

The Treaty of Donetsk benefited the Philippines in countless of ways. In accordance with the treaty, the Polska Empire:

  • Sponsor armaments, soldiers and money to fight against the terrorist group, Ma-I Ophir, in the southern region of the Philippines
  • Exile of Eleventh Prince Adam and Fifth Princess Anastazja of the Polska Empire, and of Prince Lester of the Georgian Empire to the Philippines as investment

The only reason that the Philippines agreed with the negotiation is with the exile of two of Titus VI's children and his twelfth wife's nephew to the Philippines as an assurance to them that they will not start a war against them in fear of the lives of the three children.

Aftermath Edit

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