The Order of the Cardinal Knights
The Order of the Cardinal Knights
Full Name: The Order of the Cardinal Knights
Type: Organizational Chain of Commands
Founder(s): Rien (Adam Alekseev)
Leader(s): Rien (Adam Alekseev)
Elena Andreevna
Headquarters: Pag-asa Island, Spratly Islands
Calamian Islands
Formed from: Resistance group all over Sector 44; mainly those of from the Ghetto of Manila
Founding: 2073 K.I.
Affiliation: Council of Unions
Notable members: Members
Blue means justice; red means valor. We fight for valor. But never let the flag of this nation abandon justice. Blue over red.

Rien, Uncharted

The Order of the Cardinal Knights, simply known as Cardinal Knights, is a group of vigilante rebels who fight against the Polska Empire and the Ma-I Ophir. Founded by a masked figure named Rien, they define themselves as the "Savior of Justice", making themselves be considered as the heroes of the oppressed and the needy. They differentiate themselves from other terrorist groups. Most members are former Filipinos, many of whom have defected from other insurgent groups, though many other people, even Polska may be found among their ranks. Their logo is the silhouette of a Philippine eagle that can be seen in most of the items they possessed such as their uniforms and armaments.

History Edit

Adam Alekseev, being an abandoned prince of the Polska Empire, grew to hate his motherland and everything that led to his and his younger sister's exile to the Philippines. Due to this, Adam had vowed as a child to one day take revenge to those who've wronged him: mainly his father, the King of the Polska Empire, who've exiled him and his sister to the Philippines as part of an investment and yet still declared an invasion onto where they are without even thinking of them; and the Ma-I Ophir, the strongest resistance group trying to reclaim the southern island of the Philippines that the government at that time wished to eradicate that led for the former Philippine President to ask for the help of the Polska Empire to eradicate them.

By 2073 KI, when he found the perfect timing, Adam created the alter-ego of Rien upon seeing that he has the capability to lead and rally a rebellion with his masterful tactics and strategy. Introducing himself as the masked figure Rien, he introduces the Order of the Cardinal Knights to the world as an organization which protects the existence of justice, becoming the heroes of the weak and the needy. Under his leadership, the Cardinal Knights grow in strength exponentially, becoming a force rivaling the Polska army. Though there are countless encounters that other insurgent groups, especially of the Ma-I Ophir, seeking their alliance, the Cardinal Knights isolate themselves from others, describing the other terrorist groups as part of the past.

At the end of the first book, Adam declares the formation of the independent state of the Philippines, a country of acceptance and tolerance where any and all can seek refuge against the invaders from the Empire and as well free from any other insurgent group. Though Adam reorganizes the Cardinal Knights to form a structural hierarchy and chain of command, the Cardinal Knights rely heavily on his masterful strategies, unable to act effectively when he has not given them specific orders. During the Scarlet Rebellion in the first book's finale, the group falls apart when Adam suddenly takes his leave. In the process, senior Knights are killed. Several key members are arrested by the Empire, while others go into hiding.

Despite their defeat, some of the Cardinal Knights are active during the period between. One of their activities was when they attacked Julius I College by committing robbery in the Philippines during the school festival. Just as the Unification Council of Europe, Ma-I Ophir, continue making its move to resist the Empire for the period of time until their return. Terrorist movements have occured in other countries as well only to increase the Empire's reign. Though during this period, Elena Andreevna, Rein's right hand, finds her own way to reach the captured Adam once more who was locked up in the vaults of Prague during the first months after the failed Scarlet Rebellion.

After successfully rescuing Adam in the second book, he works to form a larger alliance of nations to fight the Empire. He arranges the exile of the Cardinal Knights from the Philippines for this purpose, making their new base of operations on Spratly Islands and the Calamain Islands turning countless terrorist groups from other countries be their greatest ally, still not acknowledging the Ma-I Ophir as part of them.

With the formation of the Council of Unions, the Cardinal Knights were contracted to serve as its military force, as well as a protector of all the member states, in exchange for their continued funding, manpower and support.

After the second battle of Manila, Earl Leszczynski meets with the core members of the Cardinal Knights and reveals the truth of Rien's identity, as well as insinuating that Adam plans on originally surrendering them to the Empire to gain back his title as prince and that they are nothing more than his pawns. This drives a wedge among the Cardinal Knights for them to decide in betraying Adam in exchange for the liberation of the Philippines. They convince the others to announce that Rien died of injuries sustained in battle, as no one would believe the truth and they would be stripped of their positions if they tried to explain it. They were forced to reveal the truth to others as well when Adam causes a rebellion with the King of Polska's forces.

Members Edit

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Flag Edit

The Order of the Cardinal Knights

Flag of the Cardinal Knights

Designed by Adam Alekseev under the disguise of Rien, the flag of the Cardinal Knights is of a horizontal bicolor of cardinal red above a light gray one. They define the cardinal red to symbolize "valor", the same symbolism that the old Philippine flag bears; while the light gray color is symbolized as the same with the Polish flag's white color of bearing the meaning of "hope". Though questioned why they consider valor over hope, they said that the Polska Empire is yet to understand the importance of "hope over valor", while the Philippines need to understand that it does not need to fight for its valor but should seek justice, stating the importance of "blue over red", and let them instead to fight for peace with their courage. Situated in the center is a black diamond with the white silhouette of a Philippine eagle inside, defining their intention of war as well and the white color of the Philippine eagle is to show equality despite visciousness.

Affiliates Edit


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