Ostatnia Piosenka (English: Last song) or sometimes dubbed as Finał is a plan orchestrated by Titus Adam Leszczynski VII and carried out with the assistance of Luke Elizalde, Cade Escaño and Lester Antkowiak, to end all war and to usher an age of peace. The plan involved focusing all of the world's hatred on Adam, then have Luke disguised as Rien kill him, Cade supporting the new Rien's actions and Lester rallying countries for freedom and democracy than to continue submerging under the clutches of the Polska Empire. With this course of action, they dissipate the hatred and allow the world to focus on more important matters than fighting, such as reconstruction and helping others, thus facilitating peace, democracy and ending the age of terrorism. This is also viewed as the four's own personal way of atoning for their sins, not only due to the sorrows they've caused each other, but because of them being a nuisance to the world.

Background Edit

Planning Edit

Preparations Edit

Execution Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Though the original plan is to kill Adam, the three had conspired onto working that will allow Adam to continue living afterward.
  • It closely resembles Jonathan Carter's Refrain in Code Breaker, though it didn't end up in failure than the latter.

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