Luke Elizalde
Luke Elizalde
Biographical Information
Full Name: Luke Elizalde
Birth: 23 June 2055 K.I.
Manila, Philippines
Age: 17 (debut)
Death: July 2074 K.I.Sector 44
Status: Alive; faked his death
Nickname/s: The White Devil
Alias: Second Rien
Title/s: Leader and CEO of the Cardinal Knights (as second Rien)
Knight of Zera
Great Knight of Północ
Honorary Knight
Knight of Princess Danielle Leszczynska
Nationality: Niska
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Residence: Sector 44
Allegiance: Polska Empire - Polska Military and Północ Legion
Council of Unions - The Order of the Cardinal Knights (as Rien)
King Julius I College - Student Council
Occupation: Student
Military Officer
Politician (as Rien)
Wife: Celina Pelczynska
Significant Other/s: Danielle Leszczynska
Father: Jude Elizalde
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9" (176 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
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Luke Elizalde (Filipino: Lucas Elizalde; born 23 June 2055 K.I.) is the deuteragonist of the Uncharted trilogy. He is the son of the former President of the Philippines, Jude Elizalde, before its downfall to the Polska Empire. He is introduced to join the Polska Military after the invasion and revealed to be a childhood friend of the Eleventh Prince Adam and Sixth Princess Anastazja of the Polska Empire, Prince Lester of the Georgian Empire, and Elena Andreevna.

 Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Luke was born on 23 June 2055 K.I. at Manila, Philippines as Luke Elizalde; the son of then Senator and later President of the former Philippines, Jude Elizalde.

Uncharted Edit

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Physical Description Edit

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Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

Character History Edit

  • The name Luke means "light" in Greek. His last name, Elizalde, is a topographic name for someone who lived by a church in Basque.

Other Descriptions Edit

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