Lester Antkowiak
Lester Antkowiak
Biographical Information
Full Name: Lester Antkowiak
Birth: 11 April 2055 K.I.
Tbilsi, Georgia
Age: 17 (debut)
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: Lest
Title/s: Hereditary Prince of Georgia
Crown Prince of the Georgian Empire
Nationality: Georgian
Hometown: Tbilsi, Georgia
Residence: Warsaw, Poland
Allegiance: Georgian Empire - House of Antkowiak
Polska Empire - House of Leszczynski
Occupation: Prince
Father: Pavle Antkowiak
Mother: Irina Tabagari
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
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Lester Antkowiak (Georgian: Lester Antkoviki, ლესტერ ანტკოვიკი; born 11 April 2055 K.I.) is the quadragonist of the Uncharted trilogy. He is the son of the King of the Georgian Empire, Pavle Antkowiak, with his mad wife Irina Tabagari. He is introduced to be an exiled prince due to him accidentally killing a noble's son. Instead of having him assassinated for what he had done, he was set to be placed under the care of his father's younger sister.

 Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lester was born on 11 April 2055 K.I. at Tbilsi, Georgia as Lester Antkowiak; the son of the King of the Georgian Empire, Pavle Antkowiak, and the only daughter of a rich Georgian noble, Irina Tabagari, who so happens to be mad and crazy. At birth, he was the crown prince of the Georgian Empire.

He was took away by his father from his mother at an early age, expecting him to grow strong and smart. Unfortunately though, Lester didn't become any of it. He grew weary of his strength, afraid of his father's wrath. Nonetheless, he was trained with the arts of warfare and strategy, though he despises such bloodshed.

At the age of seven, he accidentally killed a noble's son after being considered weak and useless. The killed boy's family wished to have him executed or exiled. Being the only heir to the Georgian Empire, his father decided to have him exiled instead. He was sent to the Polska Empire to be nurtured by his paternal aunt, the twelfth wife of the King of Polska, Sophia Antkowiak. Arriving in Polska, he easily befriended his cousins: the Eleventh Prince Adam and Sixth Princess Anastazja of Polska. Living under the care of his aunt, Lester easily grew accustomed to the Polska Empire's culture.

Before he turned nine years old, his father wrote a letter to him to tell him that his father is going to surrender the Georgian Empire to the Polska Empire due to the resistance that had been going on with the countries under the Georgian Empire. He didn't replied back to his father, saying that whatever failure had happened was because of his father's own doing as well. Within few months alone, the Georgian Empire fall under the clutches of the Polska Empire, removing him from his rightful title as the crown prince of the Georgian Empire. However, King Titus VI of the Polska Empire allowed him to continue using his title as "prince"; a symbol that Titus VI sees as part of a propaganda to the world of their mercy despite being under the clutches of a super power as the Polska Empire.

Uncharted Edit

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Physical Description Edit

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Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

Character History Edit

  • The name Lester means "walled city" in Old English. His last name, Antkowiak, means "son of Anthony" in Polish.

Other Descriptions Edit

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