Treaty of Donetsk
Skirmish in Makati Bieda
Invasion of the Philippines
Part of Third Pacific War
Date: 21 July 2067 K.I. – 5 August 2067 K.I.
(15 days)
Location: Throughout the Philippines and the surrounding Pacific
Result: Decisive Polska Empire victory
Philippines occupied, colonized, and renamed "Sector 44"
Polska Empire insignia Polska Empire Philippines' insignia Republic of the Philippines
Unknown Jude Elizalde
151,000 troops
108 tanks
541 aircraft
129,435 troops
90 tanks
277 aircraft
Casualties and Losses
11,225 – 19,000 dead 146,000 dead

The Invasion of the Philippines (Filipino: Panghihimasok sa Pilipinas or Paglusob sa Pilipinas), fought 21 July 2067 K.I. – 5 August 2067 K.I., was the invasion of the Philippines by the Polska Empire and the defense of the islands by the Filipino forces during the Third Pacific War, considered then to be the primary battle of the said war.

The Polska Empire launched the invasion by sea from Taiwan and the United States. The Polska used first-line troops at the outset of the campaign, and concentrating their forces, enabling a swift overrun of most of Luzon during the first week; accelerating then their campaign of simultaneous attack in the regions of Visayas and Mindanao, completely invading the country within two weeks time.

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