The House of Leszczynski (Polish masculine form: Leszczyński, feminine form: Leszczyńska; Russian masculine form: Лещинский, feminine form: Лещинская) is the ruling house of the Polska Empire since its creation in 55 B.C. or 1 K.I. Its members hold the highest positions within its government and military, and they are descended from Julius Leszczynski I, the appointed leader of the Polish tribes to fight against the Roman Republic and Empire.

Each member of the House of Leszczynski, being the royal family of the Polska Empire, is ranked by both birth order and inheritance. As an example of birth order, Isaac is the Ninth Prince while Adam is the Eleventh Prince, making them Titus VI's ninth born and eleventh born sons. The numbering of the royal princes and princesses is separated by gender; for example, Walter is the Third Prince and Bridgette is the Third Princess.

The order of succession appears to disregard gender-preference primogeniture. Adam himself is both Eleventh Prince and fourteenth heir to the throne, and while the three place gap can be explained by Adam having three elder sisters before him. However, this presumed order of succession has been contradicted. Adam becomes 47th King of the Polska Empire through force of arms, ignoring that many of his siblings yet live.

Each member of royalty is also entitled to elect a personal guardian called a "Knight", who are given authority and placed directly under their command, though only Bridgette and Danielle are shown to have done so, other than the King, within the trilogy. Bridgette's Knight is Eduard Kocur who, along with her, commands a unit of his own. Luke Elizalde also served as personal Knight to both Danielle and Adam (as King of Polska).

Known members Edit

By Birth
Julius Leszczynski I - 1st King (Founder)
Titus Roman Leszczynski VI - 46th King
Claus Leszczynski - First Prince/Crown Prince of the Realm
Blair Leszczynska - First Princess/Crown Princess of the Realm
Earl Leszczynski - Second Prince and Prime Minister
Bridgette Leszczynska - Third Princess
Isaac Lezczynski - Ninth Prince
Titus Adam Leszczynski VII - Eleventh Prince/47th King
Danielle Leszczynska - Fourth Princess
Anastazja Leszczynska - Fifth Princess
By Marriage
Sophia Antkowiak - Twelfth Queen consort
Elena Andreevna - Titus VII's Queen consort

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