How can I stay behind and let my child protect me? Don't destroy my pride as a father, please.

Callum Ciardha to Adam Ciardha, Blood Underneath That Snowy Night

Callum Ciardha was a Pureblood Vampire, born over 3,000 years ago. Callum was Alina and Adam's father, Aleah's older brother and husband, and Tyrell's younger brother.

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Callum was born over 3,000 years ago since it was hinted that he had been with Aleah for almost 3,000 years, ever since Aleah was born, given that Callum was older than her to that prospect. Callum fell in love with Aleah and pursued her dogmatically until she eventually returned his affections. It was apparent that Aleah was initially irritated by Callum's advances. After Callum and Aleah got together, they decided to start a family and Adam was their first child. However, their brother, Tyrell, had kidnapped and almost murdered Adam partially for revenge but, mainly to awaken their ancestor, Alfred Ciardha. Due to the failure of fully awakening their ancestor, Alfred's soul, however, got trapped inside Adam's body, leaving Callum and Aleah to raise Adam despite knowing everything. In fear of Tyrell taking their daughter, Alina Ciardha, Callum decided to hide Alina's existence from the world until she was strong enough to protect herself.

However, seven years after Alina's birth, Tyrell came back to the Ciardha Mansion after discovering Alina's existence to do the same thing he had done to Adam, in hopes of fully awakening Alfred. Callum defended his family as he fights Tyrell but was eventually pierced in the heart by a Hunter's sword that Tyrell had used against him. Adam entered the scene, controlled with the essence of Alfred, and noticed that Callum was wounded, running then to his aid. Adam used himself as a barricade between Callum and Tyrell, to which Callum objected and embraced Adam, stating that it will shatter his pride as a parent if he let Adam protect him. Adam then tried to tell Callum about Alfred's existence, who'll surely took full control of him in the next few years. Callum responded saying that he knew everything and that Adam had been his adorable son and always will be, and asked him to watch over Alina before shattering into a million pieces.

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  • The name Callum means "dove" in Gaelic; and Ciardha means "black" in Gaelic.

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