Cade Escaño
Cade Escaño
Biographical Information
Full Name: Cade Escaño
Birth: 10 August 2055 K.I.
Age: 17 (debut)
Status: Alive
Alias: The Reaper
Title/s: Ameer
Nationality: Filipino
Hometown: Lanao del Sur, Philippines
Residence: Sector 44
Allegiance: Ma-I Ophir
Polska Empire - Polska Military
Occupation: Terrorist
Wife: Safina Bint Shakir
Issue: Aman Escaño
Father: Capil Escaño
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Cade Escaño (Arabic: كيد إسكانو; born 10 August 2055 K.I.) is the tritagonist of the Uncharted trilogy. He is the son of the Khalid of the famous terrorist group Ma-I OphirCapil Escaño, and an unnamed Indonesian woman. He is introduced to be the Ameer, the heir and successor to his father in leading the Ma-I Ophir. He is the husband of Safina Bint Shakir, a brutal assassin of the terrorist group, and the father of Aman Escaño.

 Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Cade was born on 10 August 2055 K.I. at Lanao del Sur, Philippines as Ameer Cade Escaño; the son of the Khalid of the Ma-I Ophir terrorist group, Capil Escaño, and an unnamed Indonesian woman. Only a few was known about his mother, who was the niece of a Catholic priest based in Indonesia, was kidnapped by his father. After his birth though, his mother committed suicide.

At a young age, instead of learning how to read and write, Cade first learned how to hold and shoot a gun. He learned how to make weapons and improvised explosives that will come in handy with every mission that will be assigned to him.

Cade was almost nine years old when his father took control of the Lanao del Sur region as captive that elicit the 2064 Ma-I Ophir Clash against the Philippine government, fighting to free the region from other religion except Islamic. The battle led the entire island of Mindanao to be placed under Martial Law for more than a year, and the signing of the Treaty of Donetsk. Though the Philippine government continue to pulverize them, the Ma-I Ophir strengthened and their groups scattered to countless regions in Mindanao to evade the government, and the Polska Empire that invaded the Philippines two years later.

More people had joined them when the Polska Empire had full control of the Philippines, using the time to strengthen their forces. His father made allies with local and foreign terrorist groups in order to consider themselves united when the Polska Empire itself grew in strength and territory. In the end, in order to settle negotiations with other groups, Cade became the center of their attention as well, proposing their daughters or nieces to have him marry them.

Beforehand, Cade's father had already chosen who will be his bride. In order to stop speculations, his father forced him to marry Safina Bint Shakir, the daughter of his father's right hand and brutal assassin of Ma-I Ophir, when the two of them were just sixteen years old.

Uncharted Edit

Cade was revealed to lead the group of bombers in Manila.

Physical Description Edit

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Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

Character History Edit

  • The name Cade means "small battle" in Welsh. His last name, Escaño, means "footstool" in Castillian.

Other Descriptions Edit

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