Alina Parvana
Alina Parvana
Biographical Information
Full Name: Alina Ciardha
Birth: 23 September 2000
Age: 17 (debut)
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: Annwyl Aleah (by Tyrell)
Alias: Alina Parvana
Title/s: Chouthir/Princess
Race: Vampire
Allegiance: Ciardha Family
Vampire Society
Arcadia Academy
Occupation: Chouthir of the Vampire Society
Heiress of the Ciardha Family
Night Class Student
Day Class Student
Relatives: Callum Ciardha (father)
Aleah Ciardha (mother)
Adam Ciardha (brother, fiancé)
Tyrell Ciardha (uncle)
Felicity Ciardha (daughter)
Elias Shaw (son)
James Shaw (lover)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Gray
The world that I saw through human eyes... I want to give that world to you, my love.

Alina Parvana to Adam Ciardha, Unionized

Alina Parvana is a student of Arcadia Academy's Day Class and one of the Nightwatch, who is consciously aware of the Night Class' real identity being vampires. Later on, she is revealed to be a Pureblood Princess of the Ciardha family and is able to reawaken her Vampire status by Adam Ciardha, subsequently becoming Alina Ciardha, the Chouthir of the Vampire Society. Knowing this, she returns to Arcadia Academy in its Night Class in order to help the students co-exist as originally planned.

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Character History Edit

  • The name Alina means "light" in Greek; and Ciardha means "black" in Gaelic. Her assumed surname, Parvana, means "butterfly" in Iranian.

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