Adam Alekseev
Adam Alekseev
Biographical Information
Full Name: Titus Adam Leszczynski VII
Birth: 3 November 2055 K.I.
Łazienki Palace, Warszawa, Poland
Age: 17 (debut)
Death: September 2074 K.I
Sector 44
Status: Alive; faked his death
Nickname/s: Królu Diabła
Alias: Adam Alekseev
Title/s: 47th King of Polska
Leader and CEO of the Cardinal Knights (as Rien)
Vice President of the Student Council in Julius I College
11th Prince of Polska
Nationality: Polish
Hometown: Warszawa, Poland
Residence: Sector 44
Allegiance: King Julius I College - Student Council
Council of Unions - The Order of the Cardinal Knights
Polska Empire - House of Leszczynski and Polska Military
Occupation: Student
Wife: Elena Nikolaevna Andreevna
Issue: Jonas Adamovich Alekseev
Claude Adamovna Alekseev
Unborn child
Father: Titus Leszczynski VI
Mother: Sophia Antkowiak
Sibling/s: Claudia Anastazja Leszczynska
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Ash Blue
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
Despite all this chaos, there is always calculation.

Adam Alekseev, Uncharted

Titus Adam Leszczynski VII (Polish: Tytus Adam Leszczyński VII; Russian: Титус Адам Лещинский VII; born 3 November 2055 K.I.) is the Byronic hero and protagonist of the Uncharted trilogy. After he is exiled, he used the alias Adam Alekseev. He is born as the Eleventh Prince of Polska and the son of 46th King of Polska, Titus Leszczynski VI. He is also the leader of the Cardinal Knights and the real identity of Rien. When the Cardinal Knights were turned against him by Earl Leszczynski, he heads on with his plan on killing his father with the help of his childhood friends and proclaim himself the 47th King of Polska as Titus VII. His reign is considered to be the shortest of all, having reigned for only four months in vain of gaining popularity and plummeting his fame to the ground, earning him to be nicknamed as Królu Diabła.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Adam was born on 3 November 2055 K.I. at Łazienki Palace, Warszawa, Poland as Titus Adam Leszczynski; the son of the King of Polska, Titus Leszczynski VI, and the late Royal Queen Consort Sophia Antkowiak, former Princess of the Georgian Empire. At birth, he was the Eleventh Prince of Polska and the fourteenth in line to the throne.

Due to his father's many affairs with other women, his mother decided to bring him and his younger sister, Anastazja, to Łańcut Castle, away from the central court of the Polska Empire. With his mother's warm and endearing personality, their other half-siblings looked up at his mother. His mother had been assigned to nurture his cousin, Prince Lester of the Georgian Empire, who've accidentally killed a noble boy. On one fateful night, with his mother's return to the court upon the audience that his father sought, his mother was assassinated by terrorists. In the end, Adam and Anastazja, along with Lester, were returned back to Warszawa only to be exiled to the Philippines upon the Treaty of Donetsk that gives the three of them as an investment to help them with its war against its terrorists.

Uncharted Edit

Adam was introduced as a high school student of King Julius I College who took the leisure of skipping classes to attend his illegal gambling habits in chess. Along with him had been his friend Roch Koperski, who serves as his right hand with this habit of him. At the start of the story, the two of them were on the way to return to their school when they've heard the explosion, saw the message of the Ma-I Ophir and witnessed the dropping altitude of a military plane, to which Adam followed, causing him to be separated from Roch. With his good intentions to help the unconscious pilots, Adam was attacked by a Polska Private who was later revealed to be his childhood friend Luke. During their reunion, Luke's commanding officer and the rest of his team had arrived at the site and judged Adam to be a member of the terrorists. Right there, he was ordered to be executed by Luke, but the latter neglected the offer that caused him to be shot instead. Adam, at that moment, knew that he was going to be executed; and considered it to be so early for him to die when he was yet to accomplish anything for his life, but will not even consider to surrender to the Polska Empire, saying that to concede to the Empire was at the very bottom of his list. All of a sudden, the crashed military plane exploded, and with the help of Elena, who always comes to his rescue, helped him escape the army and headed on to the Buendia Bieda.

Aftermath Edit

After ten years, being considered dead by the entire world, Adam gone into hiding with Elena, his wife, onto the farthest region of Vladivostok, Russia while watching from afar how the Polska Empire slowly falls and countries start to understand the power of democracy and independence. Though the world defined him as "Królu Diabła" for all of his evil deeds, Adam lives the rest of his life peacefully. With Elena, the two of them had a son named Jonas and a daughter named Claude, as well as an unborn child.

Physical Description Edit

In the trilogy, Adam is described to have a set of thick dark brown curls with matching dark eyebrows that he inherited from his mother. His eyes, a set of ash-blue hue, are what he inherited though from his father. He has an angular face with a straight narrow nose, high and visible cheekbones, and sharpened jawline. He is somewhat scawny and said to be tall and lean with taut muscles, and given his height and weight, he is underweight.

Personality Edit

Adam is a highly intelligent individual who is also calm, sophisticated, and arrogant due to his aristocratic upbringing. While at school, Adam conducts himself as a sociable, likeable, and often easy going student. However, in reality, this is a mask to hide his true nature. While as Rien, his true nature is expressed. His charisma and beliefs in justice gain him the trust and respect of many soldiers and leaders. He is known for having a very stoic personality. He never cared about schoolwork, seeing the entire thing as trivial, even though his intellect would make it easy for him. He enjoys seeking out challenges, often playing chess against nobility. In general, Adam takes most day-to-day affairs with open disinterest.

In battle, Adam is very cold and tactical, he is willing to sacrifice anyone, civilians and military alike, if that is what it takes to achieve the objective. He often put the outcome as a simple "mathematical overestimation", saying that every chaos is all because of calculation. His comrades and enemies described him to have so much lust for blood.

Many characters have noted that Adam is quite selfish, as his desire to recreate the world comes from his desire to avenge his mother's apparent death and for Anastazja's sake. However, in time, he realizes that this goal is not just for them but for the entire world.

Despite his coldness and ruthlessness in battle, he can be a rather compassionate person to his friends and loved ones. To Anastazja, he is an overprotective older brother; to Elena, he is a loving and protective boyfriend; and to his childhood friends Luke, Cade and Lester, he is a loyal friend despite the fact that they were enemies. Adam, at first glance, seems to have relatively little concern for the well-being of his subordinates, but in reality, he does care about them, seeing them as valuable allies. In truth actually, Adam values the relationship between a leader and subordinate very much that he didn't force anyone from his subordinates to follow him and let them join him on their own free-will.

Relationships Edit


Elena is Adam's girlfriend, and later, wife.

Adam first met her when he was ten years old at the effectiveness of the Treaty of Donetsk where he was meant to be exiled to the Philippines with Anastazja and Lester, his younger sister and cousin, respectively, as investments. The two of them grew close to each other as they spend some time at the Elizalde household. The war separated Adam from his friends, but not from his sister and Elena. Since then, the three of them lived with each other under the protection of the Karczewskia family. At the start of the trilogy, Elena is already Adam's girlfriend, who despises his gambling session, though it was later revealed to be because of Elena's fear that someone will realize that Adam is indeed the prince used by the Empire as an insurance. When Adam created the identity Rien, Elena was the first one to find out about it and offered to be Rien's right hand. Their relationship grew much more through ups and downs. It is implied that the two had their first sex two months before the trilogy even started, and that the two had been intimately and sexually in a relationship, noting that the they had made love countless of times already. Few times that it had been implied where after the death of Danielle before the attack of Manila, their reconciliation in Warsaw, after the battle in Singapore, Valentine's Day, Adam's ascension to the throne, their wedding night, before the peace agreement, and before the Ostatnia Piosenka. Though there could have been more, only the mention above were highly implied. In the end, Adam married Elena and the two of them have three children.

Friends & AlliesEdit

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Direct Family Edit

Adam never held any sympathy or love towards his father. He despised Titus VI for his narrow vision of the world, his desire for glory, the evil acts he had committed to achieve his ends, and his apparent lack of sympathy when his mother was assassinated. To some extent, Adam refused to even acknowledge Titus VI as his father, often referring to him by his given name which noticeably annoyed him. On the other hand, being named after him like the rest of his half-brothers, Adam favored his second given name; almost to the extent of breaking tradition to be called as 'Adam' than the customary 'Titus' when he later becomes the King of the Polska Empire.

Titus VI, on the other hand, cared for Adam and considered him his favored though errant son. The reason that Adam was sent to the Philippines was for his own protection from countless of people wishing to kill them and for the fighting over the throne, knowing that Adam will one day find his way to claim what's also his.

Despite such claim, Adam sought help to kill him on his own. After his death though, Adam tried to forget about him but was constantly reminded of him. He is visibly affected when people bring him and their connection up.

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Anastzja is Adam's younger sister and one of the very reasons Adam began his quest to overthrow the Polska Empire, and for most of the trilogy creating a world where she can live peacefully in is his driving motivation. Adam loves his sister over-all not to mention that they are clearly 'siblings', compared to the others who are his half-siblings. Her safety and comfort were always his number one priority to the point of him abandoning his allies to save her when she was captured. He once lost his intention to live after thinking that Anastazja was dead. Despite his love for her, Adam was willing to do whatever it took to bring peace to the world, even to the point of having her hate him in order to bring the Ostatnia Piosenka to fruition. The plan was actually planned by Adam to bring a change to create a peaceful world that is open to change and negotiation to fulfill Anastazja's dream to repent all of his sins and for her to live happily.


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Adam and his younger half-sister, Danielle, were extremely close when they were young, with innuendo stating that Adam had a crush on her, and she may have felt the same. When they met up in the present day, it showed that he still cared for her deeply but whether or not he still had the same romantic feelings is unknown. The Ma-I Ophir had her hostage that led for Adam to rescue her through negotiations; the group asked him to personally kill her in order to assure themselves that he was their ally than an enemy. Danielle assured him. As a result of this, Adam had no choice but to kill her. Though Adam holds the gun, it was Danielle who does the pressing of the trigger. As she dies, he states that she was his first love. It was one of the greatest burdens and sins on his soul and something that he was never able to forgive himself for.

Trivia Edit

Character History Edit

  • The name Titus means "title of honor" in Latin; while his second given name, Adam, means "to make" in Akkadian. His last name, Leszczynski, means "hazel" in Polish. His assumed last name, Alekseev, means "son of Aleksey" in Russian.
  • Flaire described him as "so much like Jonathan from Code Breaker without the ability of the Kaio, but much more brutal and darker". Addition to that, Flaire mentioned that he is the darkest character she ever have in mind that will very well fit in our world.

Other Descriptions Edit

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